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Budgie Body Language


Just like humans, budgies communicate not only through sounds and verbal utterings, but also thorugh their body language. Below are some examples of budgie body language and what they mean.

Preening another birds head or preening your hair or eyelashes-This gesture is like saying "I love you".

Raised wings- The budgie way of cooling off when he or she gets overheated.

"Yawning"-Budgies usually yawnbecause they are tired, but a series of yawns can indicate a sign of low oxygen.

Rubbing the beak against perch-The budgie way of cleaning their bill after a good meal.

Shaking the feathers-This is how a budgie gets rid of dirt particlaes, bits of skin, and horny scales that their beak has loosened while grooming. This can also signal a mood change. Shaking the feathers is also a way for your budgie to release tension.

Grinding the Bill- This sound indicates your bird's utter contentment.

Burying the beak in the back feathers-This is part of a budgies sleeping position.

Resting while standing on one foot-Also part of a normal sleeping position. If your bird sleeps on two feet this may indicate that your bird is sick.

Stretching legs backward-This is usually done after a period of rest and is a budgie's way of "loosening up" after a rest.

Lifting the wings sideways-This is also a stretch if done quickly, but sometimes budgies use theis to make iself look bigger. Males often use this position to try to impress a femals or intimidate a rival bird.

Suddenly flattened plumage-This indicates that a budgie is scared stiff.

Puffing up the feathers- The budgie way of trying to get warm. This works by trapping air in the puffed plumage to form an insulating layer between the bird's body and the cold.