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Weird and Wonderful Budgie Facts

Buddie the Budgie

There are many amazing facts about budgies that most budgie owners are unaware. I took the liberty of constructing this page so everyone can see just how remarkable these little feathered characters are. By the way.....did you know

-budgies can register 150 images per second? Humans can only register 16 images per second.

-budgies see the world in color.

-budgies can hear sounds from 400 to 20 000 Hz and can store sound sequences in their memory.

-budgies have such a well developed sense of feeling that females can feel when the embryo is moving inside th egg and when the chick is getting ready to hatch.

-budgies can count up to three.

-budgies can turn their heads 180 degrees.

-budgies poop every 12 to 15 minutes.