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Click here to visit the photo gallery of budgies bathing!


Almost all budgies love to bath. There are many different methods of bathing your budgie(s), each equally effective. The following are just a few budgie bath time favourites:

-bathing under a wet lettuce leaf

-bathing in a plastic bird bath tub with a mirror on the bottom

-bathing under a cloud of mist pumped by the owner from a mister

-bathing under the sink faucet in the hand of a trusted friend

Experiment with the few bathing techniques listed to
Determine which is method is your budgie's bath time

When bathing budgies, one must remember the basic budgie bath time rules. They are as follows:

-the bath and cage area should be free from any drafts or breezes

-bath your budgie in the morning so he/she will be totally dry when bed time arrives

-do not try to towel dry your budgie or blow dry with your budgie with a hair dryer. Budgies ONLY AIR DRY.

-always keep the bath water temperature luke warm

Do you have a picture of your budgie taking a bath? If you would like it posted on Budgie Love please e-mail your picture to me using the e-mail link below.

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